David Stretch: Managing Director

Having founded and built up one of the UK’s most successful B2B telecoms service providers; I decided it was time look around at something different.

This market sector makes me want to get out of bed in the morning, it’s like telecoms 25 years ago, everybody’s excited, people want to work together and it’s driven by the fact that we are all learning to abhor waste of any kind, energy, money and effort.

I want UTILATAS to make a difference to the companies we work with, work with rather than work for. Together we can enact change.

Tony McConville: Director: Business Services

I bring a nautical slant on life having spent over a decade in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy doing technical secret squirrel stuff. A Mancunian by birth but now resident on the south coast, I can’t be too far away from the sea and a life-long Manchester City fan.

Before joining David, I was responsible for the customer service and operational function of an established aM&T software/hardware supplier, including full responsibility for ISO 9000/14001. I could delight you with tales of kilowatt hours, leaking pipes, out of control boilers and dodgy HVAC set-ups but really I exist to make your life easier and to bring a font of Yoda-like wisdom.