Energy surveys

Taking that first step can sometimes be the hardest. Identifying cost effective energy and carbon reduction opportunities is part of our energy surveys.

UTILATAS look to:

  • Identify the most valuable and cost effective opportunities
  • Keep implementation costs low by making best use of existing equipment
  • Provide investment grade business cases
  • Project implementation support

More sophisticated and detailed than traditional “Walkthrough” energy surveys which rely largely on the visual identification of opportunities and do not measure the energy efficiency of systems.

With the extensive use of energy analysers and other measuring and metering equipment, temperature probes and flue gas analysers, more detailed analysis is obtained of all energy consumption data relating to the systems and processes that use the most significant amounts of energy.

By identifying and prioritising remedial measures to improve efficiency, we aim to raise the efficiency of a process to as close as possible to the theoretical maximum.

The benefits will provide a sound business case for implementation by accurately quantifying savings and identifying remedial measures that are significantly more cost-effective than those identifiable through a Walkthrough Survey. Accurately identifying opportunities, improves savings and payback potential, all leading to a more compelling case for management attention and capital investment.