UTILATAS has developed a family of utility data capture devices, based on wireless technology, which allow us to connect to any type of meter which has a pulse output. Compact and simple to install they ensure that connection over large estates and remote locations is not a problem. Most importantly they allow us to capture consumption in “Real Time” giving immediate feedback on consumption data.

Consisting of two main elements, a transmitter for capturing the meter usage and a Data logger which collects usage data from the transmitters and delivers it, via an integral mobile SIM card, to our data centre.

This gives us a number of significant advantages;

  • Real time
  • Speed of Install
  • All utilities
  • Range, tested up to 1Km
  • Temperature sender option
  • Cost, one data cost instead of one per smart meter
  • LAN connectivity if required
  • Approved for Listed Buildings
  • Approved as Waterproof, IP68
  • Multi-directional data feed
  • Connectivity for both fiscal and sub-metering 

To ensure we capture usage from any location the hardware is available in a number of configurations; 

  • A separate transmitter located adjacent to the meter and a central logger capable of collecting data from up to 128 transmitters
  • A logger with LAN local Ethernet connectivity if required
  • A single unit with eight integrated transmitters and logger functionality for large locally situated sub-metering applications
  • Also ideal for smaller single site environments such as Retail

All our products are fully supported by our management platform which generates a number of standard daily reports, normally for internal use but which can be made available to clients or partners. 

  • Battery Level
  • Signal Level (in dB)
  • Transmitter count
  • Logger count
  • Data integrity checker

We have a continual program of hardware development so if you have specific requirements just Contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

Click here to download spec sheet