An organisation needs to be able to visualise and understand its energy and utility consumption before taking direct action. It’s important to have clear facts before you’re organisation can make informed decisions on capital investment and monitor change using new technologies or drive change to internal working practise.

Uniquely and importantly, UTILATAS remains independent of any single software solution. Quite simply not all energy management software is the same and will vary in terms of features and functionality. Therefore it’s important that UTILATAS are free to provide a solution which is fit for purpose.

However, there are key fundamental features which our solutions offer;

  • Carbon Compliance
  • Asset Management
  • ISO50001 process driven
  • aM&T. High degree of analysis
  • Monitoring from Fiscal down to individual socket level
  • Reporting. Both flexible and automated
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Multiple BMS integration

We have also established more specialised solutions which take the software applications further than energy management and display tools. By providing another layer of intelligence we can deliver truly intelligent control functionality.

  • Localised energy management at sockets, desks and assets level
  • Power management of PCs, IT peripherals, vending, heaters etc
  • Remote access and centralised policy management

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