Saving money


Metering your energy consumption and collecting the data, this is a basic requirement and is easily achieved with modern hardware and analytical software so you can find and quantify opportunities to save energy. Choosing the right hardware and software is important, the more data you can get and the earlier you can get it (Real Time) will help to identify money saving opportunities earlier and with more accuracy.

Finding opportunities is important but won’t actually save you money, you have to take action and targeting provides focus. Normally targeting would be prioritised by minimum investment for maximum return but at some point capital expenditure will need to be considered, Utilatas will help with accurate analysis, fund sourcing and tracking progress of any capital projects.

Some of the highest returns for minimal investment will come from behavioral change but these are often the hardest to achieve.


Effective energy management incorporates a high degree of employee engagement. Creating a culture of energy saving is not easy but can be the most effective money saver where the only investment required is time.

Utilatas know it is important for a person to embrace energy saving by being given specific and regular information as to how they impacting their environment and particularly the benefits when they change behavior.  This is also true when applied to internal teams, departments, and buildings. Using league tables is a simple and effective communication tool, stimulating competition and motivating people to continue making progress.


Energy Management must be driven from the top down and be continually questioned and re-evaluated. Internally, organisations change, processes change, people change, as result new requirements will be placed on energy consumption and new opportunities will be generated. Utilatas employ a cyclical approach so change can be incorporated and any drop in motivation quickly identified and corrected.