UTILATAS believe in empowering positive change through greater intelligence in all buildings and that all buildings have the scope to be more sustainable in their operation, where ever they are within their life cycle.

As a proud partner of digitalenergy™ we have no hesitation in saying that this is the industry leading energy management solution available.

Developed by fusing system and energy knowledge into an integrated package, creating a uniquely flexible energy management system and linking it to a six stage strategy plan, all supported by comprehensive systems and implementation training allows organisations to unlock substantial savings on direct and indirect energy costs.

  • Make more savings – faster
  • Reduce risk – effectively
  • Collaborate across the organisation
  • Gain real visibility to energy and carbon consumption

digitalenergy™ is an online Energy Management System which provides an organisation’s stakeholders the management tools to improve their energy performance and enables building owners and occupiers to comply with current and future energy related legislation.

It is not only the raw cost per kWh consumed that’s increasing but the cost of legislation and regulation through direct levy charges, most notably recently the change of the carbon reduction commitment to a clear carbon tax and indirect cost. These include the increasing time commitment on compliance and increase in risk of reputation through poor carbon performance.

Implementation of a six stage strategy plan with digitalenergy™ can enable organisations to achieve annual reductions on direct energy spend, a reduction of management and administration time to achieve compliance and accelerate behavioral change through stakeholder engagement.

The hierarchy structure gives departments, managers and occupants everything they need to focus on what is important, more reductions and less administration.