Reduce consumption

By having UTILATAS as your energy partner you can be sure that energy savings will be identified. Using our experience we will work with you to devise energy reduction strategies incorporating implementation plans with specified technology investments.

Using interval data and aM&T analysis software we would create energy usage profiles. These combined with your businesses operating data give clear indications of where energy is being wasted and target areas for investigation.

UTILATAS understand what factors impact on energy usage profiles and are key to unlocking savings. These are just some of the areas we look at;


  • What are core business hours including day or night shifts
  • Weekend working or bank holidays


  • Is it used for heating, cooling and ventilation
  • How is it controlled?
  • Which fuels are used?  Even with gas boilers over 5% of the total energy consumption can be electric. Fans, pumps or controls


  • What are the controls? Automated or staff controlled
  • External lighting. Loading bays
  • Security lighting

Office Equipment

  • Do staff turning computers off
  • Is office equipment left on stand by. Photocopiers, printers

Other energy consuming equipment

  • Production equipment
  • Welding bays with extractor fans
  • Cranes
  • Forklift charging bays

But it doesn’t end there, we know you don’t want to use valuable time project managing sub-contractors so we’ll do that for you too. Our implementations team will deliver on agreed projects allowing you to concentrate on your core business.